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kabomb's Journal


.allow me to exaggerate.
Hello. I'm Manjit and I'm pretty new to livejournal :) Here I'll post mainly graphics, e.g icons, banners, headers and anything new i learn along the way.

clothing ;; skinny jeans, band tees, graphic tees and converse

films ; nightmare before christmas

music;; panic at the disco ,paramore,my chemical romance,angels and airwaves, patrick wolf, fall out boy, the wombats, bloc party, mayday parade, the killers, hellogoodbye and lots more.

tv shows; antm, ugly betty, heroes, the big bang theory, never mind the buzzcocks, the friday night project, THE MIGHTY BOOSH etc.

books;; harry potter loved that! and i'm hoping to start reading the twilight series soon :)


Stylesheet by holycloud.

Header By Me.

Profile Coding by xenachan

Profile Image by Me.

Credits : appleleaf dont_be_so_base conspiracyicons chisels punkette4vab bleedblack_rsc lifeisdolce xhollow 0ne_trashylife

PATD Mood Theme by aiken_4graphics
if i havent added you, firstly sorry, and seconedly if you could just leave a comment saying that'd be great :]